ArteVino - The wine record

A cellar board* is a record of the life and history of your wine, allowing you to easily locate your wine inside the cabinet. All of the information about your wine is written down with a chalk stick (supplied) on the "slate" board. Simply use a slightly damp sponge or cloth to remove it.
- The cellar board is detachable. It is therefore possible to place it flat on a table, for example, to make writing easier.
- On the back of the board, there is a map showing the vintages of wines from France and the rest of the world, as well as the serving temperatures of different wines.
- This record allows you to accurately list the wines contained in your cabinet by allowing you to record on it information about your wine such as: the bottle shelf numbers, the names of the wines, their appellation, production region, colour, vintages, amount of bottles, estimated year wine is ready for drinking and comments.

*for Performance with solid door and Vin&o only