Your wine deserves the upmost respect.


The quality of a natural wine cellar

ArteVino wine cabinets meet the 5 criteria required for effective wine maturing: a constant temperature, optimal humidity levels, good air circulation, lack of vibration, U.V. protection.

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Storage designed specifically for wine bottles

A wine cabinet’s storage system has become an essential factor when deciding which cabinet to buy.
Criteria considered important when choosing a storage system vary from one user to the next. 

Which is why ArteVino uses a "Universal" shelf which allows 3 uses and is available in storage, sliding or display version.
Furthermore, the shelf’s design allows all types of wine bottles, of different shapes and sizes, to be stored.

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Several functionalities to choose from

ArteVino’s range of wine cabinets has several functionalities available, allowing you to choose the wine cabinet which most closely meets your requirements. 

- Wine maturing cabinets to store wine in optimal conditions, ensuring that your wine reaches its prime.
- Wine serving cabinets to prepare wine for drinking.
- Multi-function cabinets.  These offer several functionalities owing to their independent compartments: maturing, serving (compartments to chill wine or bring it to room temperature) or "multi-drink" (to store all your favourite drinks in one same cabinet).

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