ArteVino, French expertise. All ArteVino wine cabinets are made in Fourmies, northern France.




Owing to its expertise and know-how, accumulated over 20 years, ArteVino delivers the best results in terms of bottle storage and daily use of your wine cabinet.

Pictogram – ArteVino stores wine by observing the 5 criteria for optimal wine maturing.


Wine is a living product, which, once bottled, is a semi-finished product which improves over time.
We have one single aim in developing all our product ranges, observing the 5 criteria essential for supporting wine on its journey:
- A stable, controlled temperature
- Humidity levels of 65% - 80%
- Lack of vibration
- Protection from U.V. rays
- Permanent air renewal.

Wine storage criteria

ArteVino, the wine cabinet manufacturer, chooses quality materials for designing its products.


To guarantee optimal performance, ArteVino has chosen durable, high-quality materials for its cabinet body and equipment.
ArteVino favours use of aluminium for its interior walls over plastic; in this way, condensation and bad odours are reduced.
The cabinet body frame is made of steel and does not therefore warp over time.
The insulation is reinforced for improved temperature maintenance.
Sturdiness of the storage zones is ensured using raw wood shelves.

All ArteVino wine cabinets allow you to modify the configuration of your shelves: move them inside the wine cabinet or choose the bottle display, storage or sliding shelf function.


ArteVino wine cabinets have been developed by taking into account the needs of consumers. In this way, they are ergonomic, functional and user-friendly.
Considering storage as the sixth criteria essential for storing wine, ArteVino has developed a storage system consisting of shelves with recesses. It allows you to store all bottle sizes (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Champagne...) and reduce vibration.
Your solid beech shelf becomes “sliding”, “storage” or “display” allowing you to configure your cabinet however you want.

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Low energy-consuming wine cabinet


Fitted with high-density insulation, a high-performance compressor and UV-absorbing double-glazing, the ArteVino wine cabinets reduce unnecessary power consumption and offer good thermal performances.

All ArteVino wine cabinets are made in France.


All ArteVino wine cabinets are "made in France" which has resulted in them having the "Origine France Garantie" label since 2012. It is at Fourmies in Nord, in the EuroCave Group’s factory, that your wine cabinet is produced and rigorously tested.

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