The Wine Art winebar allows you to bring your wine to the correct temperature for perfect serving conditions.




Add a touch of style to your interior with Wine Art, the ideal solution for bringing your wine to the correct serving temperature and preserving open bottles.

The perfect complement to your wine cabinet, our Wine Art winebar is a stylish, compact two-in-one product. With Wine Art, say goodbye to wasted open bottles!


Drinking your wine at the right temperature

Bringing wine to the correct temperature

Preventing wine from oxidizing

Preserving open bottles

Bringing wine to the correct serving temperature for wine ready to drink.


It offers you the possibility of bringing two bottles of wine to an ideal serving temperature. With two separate compartments, you can open the two bottles that you want (red and/or white) and prepare your wine for serving.

How to preserve an open bottle of wine


Thanks to its vacuum sealing system, Wine Art protects your wine from oxidation for up to 10 days after opening your bottle.*

Easy and user-friendly handling.

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Why bring your wine to the right temperature?

All wines have different serving temperatures at which they reveal their flavours. It is necessary to serve wine at the correct temperature to appreciate its flavours. But all wines do not reveal their flavours at the same temperature. For example, a red wine is served at around 18°C whereas champagne, white or rosé wine is more at around 6-8°C. They should not be served too warm or too cold as heat increases the sensation of alcohol and cold emphasizes acidity.

Why does wine oxidize?

As soon as you open the bottle, oxygen in the air starts to oxidize the wine which results in it losing its bouquet and structure. Vacuum sealing the bottle minimises this effect to the maximum by stopping oxygen from coming into contact with the wine.


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*according to the wine and its vintage