ArteVino sliding wine case storage module : natural wine cellar storage, racks with shelving for wine.




Fit out your natural cellar or dedicated room with our wooden shelving, racks and cases.

Fitting out your natural wine cellar allows you to optimize its storage capacity and makes it more user-friendly. That is why it is essential to have storage suited to your requirements which is modular and can be changed or added to over time.
Our wine storage solution have been designed by our engineering and design department to allow you to easily and effectively fit out your wine room.
We only use high quality materials to ensure that our products stand the test of time, allowing you to store your bottles in complete safety.



Optimize wine case storage with Modulorack.

Based on a system of sliding shelves and designed for the standard dimensions of 12-bottle wine cases, Modulorack offers you flexible, user-friendly storage.

Sliding modules for easily storing 12-bottle cases.


Connect them together to assemble up to 3 heights* and increase the storage capacity of your wine cellar. Modulorack’s structure is made of steel for increased strength and is fastened to the floor, so they will remain stable whatever layout you adopt.

Wine cellar storage which allows you to easily access bottles stored in wooden cases.


Once assembled, all you have to do is install your wine cases!
The sliding shelf system allows easy access to your stored wine bottles.

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You can increase your storage over time by adding modules.


You can stack up to 3 modules without any stability problems.

3 heights possible*

One module allows you to store 24 bottles in 2 wine cases.

Two 12-bottle cases

The structure of the module is made of steel.

Steel structure


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*3 heights possible

Photo credits: Roza restaurant, Jerusalem - Cave Monceau, Paris - The Wine Story, Tel Aviv