Discover our advice for choosing your wine cabinet according to your requirements.
Flush-fitting or stand-alone, serving or maturing cabinet, performance, size... there are lots of criteria.

Here are the essential questions to ask yourself before buying.


1 – What function are you looking for?

Choosing the right wine cabinet for you means initially deciding what use you will make of it. At ArteVino, there are four types of wine cabinet.

Single-temperature wine maturing cabinet.



For storing and maturing wine from a period of 2 years up to over 20 years. A maturing cabinet recreates the ideal environment found in a natural cellar to meet the sixt criteria necessary for optimal wine maturing.


A single temperature of 12°C throughout the cabinet (ideal maturing temperature for all wine).

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Multi-temperature wine serving cabinet.



Whilst wine is stored at 12°C, it is not necessarily served at this temperature. A serving or multi-temperature cabinet allows you to store your wine for a period of up to 2 years and bring your wine to the correct serving temperature before bringing it to the table. Intended for all types of wine.


A temperature gradient throughout the cabinet from 6°C for cooling champagne to 20°C for bringing red wine to room temperature.

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Multifunction wine cabinet for serving and maturing wine - 2 or 3-temperature.



One wine cabinet for several uses. For storing and preserving wine and also for bringing wine to the correct serving temperature.


The cabinet has several independent temperature compartments (2 or 3 compartments). A compartment (in the center) for preserving wine with a single temperature of 12°C. A cooling compartment at the bottom of the cabinet 4 and 6°C for cooling wine. And for 3-temperature cabinets, a compartment at the top with a temperature of 15 - 20°C for bringing red wines to room temperature for serving.

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Multi-drinks wine cabinet for maturing wine and serving champagne, red white and rosé wine but also fizzy drinks, beer, fruit juice – 2-temperature.



Preserving your wine and bringing to serving temperature any kind of cold drink (champagne, fizzy drinks, beer, fruit juice) is now possible with the multi-drinks wine cabinet.


The cabinet has 2 separate compartments allowing it to store and preserve wine in the upper and central part between 10 - 14°C and prepare for serving any type of cold drink (champagne, fizzy drinks, beer, fruit juice…), in the lower part, 3 - 6°C.

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2 – How many bottles do you want to store in your wine cabinet?

It is important to choose the capacity of your wine cabinet according to your actual needs.
A cabinet which is too large will end up wasting electricity over time and it is recommended that you fill your cabinet to at least 75% of its capacity for optimal operation.

Small capacity cabinets are generally dedicated:

  • to wine serving cabinets to bring your wine to an ideal serving temperature
  • to wine maturing cabinets for small areas
  • to wine maturing cabinets which are a back-up for natural cellars, to allow wine storage that is close at hand

Large capacity cabinets are generally dedicated:

  • to maturing cabinets since a part of your bottles will occupy space for some years
  • to multifunction cabinets, since you will need space for maturing, storing your wine but also preparing some of them for serving

ArteVino indicates the capacity of its cabinets based on formats such as "traditional Bordeaux, hollow base", which are the formats most commonly sold.


3 – Solid or glass door?

Dilemma... Darkness inside the wine cabinet is an important criterion for optimal wine storage. To mature well, the wine must be protected from all sources of light which causes degradation of tannin by oxidation. However, you also want to display your best bottles for everyone to see.

Wine cabinet with glass door to protect wine bottles thanks to UV-absorbing smoked glass.


If you want a very attractive wine cabinet which fits in easily in a living room or kitchen, opt for a glass door whether for a maturing or serving cabinet. All ArteVino models fitted with a glass door have UV-absorbing double-glazing combined with argon gas; filters out 97% of U.V. rays.

We recommend however that you avoid installing your wine cabinet facing a source of direct light or close to a source of heat.

Solid door wine cabinet for protecting wine bottles by ensuring complete darkness inside the wine cabinet.


A solid door guarantees complete darkness and sturdiness. We recommend it if storage of your wine takes precedence over design and if you want to install it in a utility room, garage or storeroom. ArteVino solid doors have reinforced insulation allowing management of greater temperature variations.

If the temperature is likely to drop significantly in winter, ensure that your wine cabinet is fitted with a cold temperature function. The function present on all ArteVino wine cabinets.


4 – What environment is my cabinet going to be installed in?

This last criterion is decisive in choosing your wine cabinet.
You need to take into consideration the temperature of the room, the noise level of the appliance, the installation required.

Think in advance about the way you want to install your wine cabinet:
free-standing in your living room, built into a custom-made unit or flush-fitted beneath a worktop.

ArteVino wine cabinets can be flush-fitted beneath a worktop in a custom-made unit or a fitted kitchen.


In the case of a fitted kitchen or custom-made unit, you must ensure that the selected model has been designed for this type of installation in terms of the dimensions and also the ventilation system.

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Wide choice of free-standing wine cabinets for installing in a living area: living room, dining room, kitchen, pool room, storeroom, garage...


For a free-standing version in a living room, please check the noise level on the cabinet’s energy information sheet.

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What equipment do you need for your wine cabinet?

The shelves, the storage system of your wine cabinet, should not be overlooked. It even forms part of the criteria for optimal wine storage.
When choosing it, several elements should be taken into account:

- you need high-quality materials to withstand humidity inside the cabinet
- they need to be specially designed to store wine bottles
- they must also allow all types of bottles to be stored
- they must allow air to circulate inside the cabinet
- they must suit your preferred bottle storage method: storage mode for large bottle capacity, sliding mode for easy access to bottles, display mode to show off your best bottles to the maximum..


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