To mature your wine, you must bring together 6 essential conditions: a stable temperature, ideal humidity levels, good ventilation, lack of vibration, protection from light and storage suited to wine bottles.





A wine cabinet brings together all the criteria required for optimal wine maturing, allowing you to recreate the ideal storage conditions found in a natural cellar, but at home, on a smaller scale.

Experienced wine enthusiasts know that to reach its full potential, wine must mature in specific conditions, difficult to achieve in modern life.
Only a product which meets all the following criteria can be considered a good wine cabinet for maturing or serving wine.


What is wine?

Wine is a passion and a culture. It is a product that involves notions such as:

  • Heritage and terroir
  • Affectivity and passion
  • Conviviality and celebration
  • Stimulation of the senses and enjoyment

Wine is a living product, which, once bottled, is a semi-finished product which improves over time. The maturing period is essential for improving wine. The environment it is stored in during this phase has a direct impact on the quality of the end product.


The lifetime of wine comprises of four different phases

The life cycle of wine - ageing, maturing or improvement, prime, deterioration.

L’environnement idéal pour le bon vieillissement du vin dépend de 6 critères :



The ideal temperature for maturing wine is 12°C.


The temperature for storing wine must remain at a stable 12°C (for all types of wine). The temperature at which wine is stored influences the rate at which it matures and its quality.

ArteVino advantages

  • Suitable insulation (6 cm thick insulation in polyurethane foam) and interior walls made from aluminium resulting in optimal temperature distribution
  • An ultra-effective cooling system. Artevino cabinets are fitted with an exclusive hand-crafted evaporator
  • A heater to stabilize the temperature
The humidity level inside a wine cabinet must be 65 - 80%.


It must be 65 - 80%. Insufficient humidity causes the corks to dry out resulting in wine seeping out and loss of flavour. Too much humidity produces condensation and can be a source of mould and cause the labels to peel off.

ArteVino advantages

  • Interior walls in Stucco aluminium to slow droplets of condensation running down the walls and ensure effective humidity distribution. Furthermore the interior walls in aluminium reduce odour and prevent your wine from contamination.
  • Optimised air circulation and a cooling system to maintain humidity inside the cabinet.
For optimal wine maturing, vibration must be avoided.


Vibration is harmful to wine’s development process and is often fatal for fine wines. It is essential to protect your wine from the vibrations of everyday life.

ArteVino advantages

  • 6 cm thick insulation in polyurethane foam to prevent the compressor from starting up too frequently, which also reduces vibration.
  • The compressor, separated from the cabinet, stands on high-performance silent blocks.
  • The evaporator is encased in polyurethane foam in order to prevent any vibration of the walls.
  • ArteVino wine cabinets are supplied with two adjustable cylinder bases to ensure maximum stability.
  • The shelves do not rest directly on the walls or the back of the cabinet to prevent any risk of transmitting vibration.
It is important that there is effective air circulation inside a wine cabinet otherwise mould and bacteria could develop.


Lack of ventilation and poor air circulation, especially in a damp environment, constitute factors for the development of mould and bacteria. The pressure difference between two openings inside the cabinet (warm air rises and cold air falls) allows air to circulate and be replaced.

ArteVino advantages

  • The effective design of the air replacement system inside ArteVino wine cabinets means that you do not have to fit an active charcoal filter to filter the air.

Don’t be afraid to open the door of your cabinet, this is the best method for circulating the air.

For optimal wine maturing, wine must be protected from U.V. rays.


For optimal wine maturing, wine must be protected from all sources of light, which degrades tannins by oxidation.

ArteVino advantages

  • U.V. proofing of glass doors filter up to 97% of U.V. rays
  • An air-tight magnetic door seal
To facilitate access to bottles, prevent vibration and prevent damage to labels, you must have a suitable storage system inside your wine cabinet.


In order to guarantee ease of use and effective bottle protection, storage must be suited to the customer’s needs.

ArteVino advantages

The universal shelf, a modular solution which adapts quickly and easily to all your requirements:

  • Solid wood shelves which can hold all types of bottles, regardless of their shape.
  • Choice of shelf position which can be changed thanks to a system of wooden pins – storage, sliding or display configuration.
  • Label holder included.

Discover the universal shelf

In order to fully appreciate the flavours of your wine, it must be served at the correct temperature.

Which serving temperature for which wine?