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ArteVino wine cabinets are specially adapted to professionals working in the food service industry or hotels and attractive display cabinets dedicated to serving wine and customer satisfaction.

ArteVino is the ideal partner for developing your establishment’s wine list. Find out why!


Knowing how to store and serve wine has become an essential requirement for professionals working in the food service industry and hotels if they want to satisfy an increasingly discerning clientele.

But investing in a wine cabinet leaves lots of questions to be answered; is it profitable? Which product should I choose? Do I want to simply cool bottles or a wine cabinet dedicated to serving?
Whilst it is easy to find a product, it is more difficult to choose the right one. The level of knowledge and quality of wine drunk has tended to increase over the past few years1.

Professionals in the food service industry, sommeliers, find the wine cabinet that will offer your customers quality wine service.



Buying a wine cabinet allows you to meet several requirements:


Storing wine in optimal conditions

It is difficult to maintain a constant temperature and humidity levels when you store your wine in your restaurant’s dining room or larder. You can get a nasty surprise when serving the wine if all the necessary wine storage conditions are not met.
Thanks to the EuroCave Group’s expertise, ArteVino wine cabinets bring together the 6 criteria essential for storing wine.


Serving wine at the right temperature

Serving wine at the right temperature develops its flavours and enhances the dishes it is served with. Serving a glass of red wine which is too cold or a glass of sweet wine which is too warm will mask their flavours. Poor wine service can have a very negative effect on the customer’s dining experience, for example.
Most refrigerator-type wine cabinets stagger temperatures from 9 - 15°. Storing wine in a refrigerator is therefore not suitable. Optimal wine serving temperatures should start at 6° (champagne) and end at 18° (Bordeaux). Which is what wine serving cabinets from the ArteVino brand offer.


Displaying your wine list

Wine cabinets are increasingly at home in living areas of homes. This also applies to restaurants and hotels. In addition to the storage and serving aspect of wine, a wine cabinet allows you to promote your wine list and display it to your customers in an attractive way, in the dining room for example.


Increasing your turnover

On average, wine represents 21% of the turnover of a restaurant2. A wine cabinet therefore represents a real investment rather than an expense. It is an essential work tool allowing you to provide high-quality wine service. You need to sell less than 3 bottles per month3 to get a return on your ArteVino wine cabinet!


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The mobile wine merchant Au vin Diu placed his trust in us by installing 2 ArteVino Oxygen wine cabinets in his food truck.

1- Sowine survey for 2018 and 2019
2- On average, a bottle is sold at (depending on the establishment, adjust accordingly) 15 Euros including all taxes. – The average multiplier is approximately 4. – The average purchase price of a bottle is therefore, in this case approximately 3.75 Euros excluding tax. Considering that an actual wine serving cabinet (ArteVino) costs approximately 1,470,00 Euros excluding tax to buy, the rate at which it is paid off should be calculated (which is according to the accounting system based on 5 years or 60 months), namely: 24.50 Euros excluding tax / month. Since a restauranteur earns around 8.80 Euros excluding tax per bottle sold ( 15 / 1.196 of VAT – 3.75 = 8.80), how many more bottles must he sell to pay for his wine cabinet? Less than 3 bottles per month!!! (€24.50 / €8.80 = 2.78)
3- article

Photo credits: Au Vin Diu - Food Truck, wine shop and wine bar, in Montpellier