ArteVino - Our history

The ArteVino brand was created.
The first range was launched with 3 cabinet categories (single-temperature, 2-temperature and multi-temperature) in 2 sizes (medium and large).

ArteVino brought out a new range of cabinets with dimensions specifically adapted to wine storage, allowing the capacity of the cabinets to be increased by 15%. A new sized cabinet was added to the two existing ones: the small capacity cabinet (110 cm high).
All cabinets in this range are completely modular, allowing them to be fitted out with storage, sliding shelves or a mixed layout.
ArteVino launched the universal shelf: A shelf that can be used in both storage and sliding mode. This new type of shelf allows storage of 13 bottles per level, with a maximum of 78 bottles per shelf in stacking mode.

2001 / 2002
ArteVino cabinets adopted a more modern look with new colours and a new functional handle.  The universal shelf was also redesigned to most effectively meet bottle storage requirements.
Addition of the cellar board in the inside door of the cabinet to facilitate ordering of bottles inside the cabinet and allow the user to have a genuine "wine cellar book" close at hand.
The site was launched, to effectively showcase the brand's products online.

A new range was launched, the Performance range, with technological innovations: external digital temperature display, humidity management, solid wood shelves...

A new multi-drinks cabinet concept was launched: Vin&o, the originality of which resides in the wide range of functions that the cabinet offers and the fact, of course, that it was designed not only to store wine but any other type of drink.

The Oxygen range was launched, the first wine cabinet range with low energy consumption.
Our solid door cabinets are rated A+, our glass door cabinets are rated B.

The new website was created and put online.
New models are available in the Oxygen range, for new uses: multifunctional wine cabinets for wine maturing and serving.

The oxygen range is still growing!
Launch of multi-drinks wine cabinets with a dedicated compartment for refreshing white and rosé wines, champagnes, beers, sodas, fruit juices. 

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