Do you have questions about how your ArteVino product operates?

For any technical questions about operation of your wine cabinet, please consult our FAQs.

If you did not find the information you needed, please contact us.



Do you have questions about the guarantee and after-sales service for your product?

For any question relating to the guarantee and after-sales service, please contact the stockist from whom you bought your appliance directly. In order to provide the highest level of support, we ensure technical support for all our ArteVino stockists, conducted by professionals trained in the technical features specific to our products.

Make sure that you have the serial number of your appliance ready to hand. It is your wine cabinet’s identity card that allows you to identify the exact model. You will find this number on the information plate affixed to the inside wall of your appliance, on the right-hand side.

ArteVino ensures availability of spare parts for up to 11 years for the wine cabinets and 4 years for Wine Art and cellar layouts solutions.