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EuroCave S.A.S. / ArteVino
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ArteVino's personal data protection privacy

ArteVino is a brand of the EuroCave Group.
ArteVino is committed to protecting the personal data and privacy of its customers and anyone who accesses its applications and websites.
ArteVino undertakes to ensure the highest level of personal data protection in accordance with the data protection legislation and applicable European regulations

1. Identity of the data controller

Within the scope of activities of the website, personal data is collected by:
EuroCave SAS / ArteVino
SIRET 320 316 995 00135
Head Office:
12-14 av. Antoine Dutriévoz
69100 Villeurbanne

Hereafter termed “ArteVino”

2. Personal data collected on our sites

2.1. What is personal data?

The definition of personal data (hereafter termed “Personal Data”) is information relating to a natural person identified or able to be identified, directly or indirectly, by referring to an identification number or to one or several elements specific to that person.

2.2. What kind of personal data does ArteVino collect?

ArteVino is likely to collect your Personal Data, notably: your title, surname, first name, postal address, email address, telephone number, IP address, browsing data, claims.
When personal data is being collected, information to be completed by users which is compulsory in nature is indicated by an asterisk. If you do not want to provide this information, which is considered essential, you will not be able to use certain services or functionalities on our websites.

2.3. How does ArteVino collect Personal Data?

ArteVino can collect Personal Data from you, or receive it from you (via our websites, questionnaires, forms and social networks).
We notably collect your information when:
– You browse our websites and applications and consult products
– You contact our Customer Service Department
– You complete a form on one of our websites
In this way, this Personal Data can be collected both directly (if you fill out a form for example) and indirectly (using cookies, for example).
We also carry out web analytics via the Google Analytics tool, for example, we measure the number of pages viewed, the number of website visits, as well as the activity of visitors on the website and how frequently they return.
The legal bases for the processing carried out by ArteVino are consent (article 6.a of the GDPR), compliance with a legal obligation (article 6.c of the GDPR) and legitimate interest (article 6.f of the GDPR).

3. Reasons–use of your Personal Data

Your personal data allows us to improve and customise the services that we offer you, notably on our mobile sites and websites as well as the information that we send you.
ArteVino undertakes to only collect Personal Data for the precise, explicit and legitimate reasons mentioned hereafter and to not subsequently process this data in a way which is incompatible with these reasons.

ArteVino newsletters and information

• Notification emails

After completing a form, you will receive an email confirming that it has been submitted. These service messages are necessary for the proper execution of the follow-up of your requests and are sent independently of the choice relating to the ArteVino newsletters.

• ArteVino information & newsletters

If you agreed to receive ArteVino information, you shall be able to receive content emails or offers from our brand electronically (email, SMS) so that we can keep you updated on our news and inform you of advantages you can benefit from.
We measure the opening rate of our electronic messages to best adapt them to your requirements.
If you no longer wish to receive offers and information from ArteVino, you can unsubscribe from this service at any time by clicking here or on the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of each email or by notifying us in writing at the following address:

EuroCave SAS / ArteVino Service Client
12-14 av. Antoine Dutriévoz
cs 40145
69628 Villeurbanne cedex
• Mail
You are likely to receive offers and information by post from ArteVino. You can cancel this service at any time by informing us in writing at the following address:
EuroCave SAS / ArteVino Service Client
12-14 av. Antoine Dutriévoz
cs 40145
69628 Villeurbanne cedex

4. Recipients of data

Within the scope of a strict confidentiality and access management policy, only recipients duly authorised by ArteVino can access information that you have given us.

4.1. Sharing Personal Data internally

In accordance with the purposes for which the Personal Data was initially collected and/or which you subsequently expressly agreed to, your personal data can be communicated to the ArteVino dealers or reselers in your area in order to most effectively find out about you and in this way provide you with the best possible service and, where relevant, send offers which best suit your requirements.

4.2. Sharing Personal Data with third parties

• Retargeting
We inform you that we can communicate some of your data to partners, such as sociodemographic data, buyer profile, cookies or encrypted technical identifiers without it being possible for them to identify you:
– for the purposes of retargeting on our website or on third-party websites (also refer to the retargeting and cookies section);
– to allow us to link up your various devices (computers, mobile telephone…) and provide a harmonised experience on the various devices that you use.
You can object, at any time, to us communicating data to partners for retargeting purposes by clicking here or by writing to:
ArteVino Service Client
12-14 av. Antoine Dutriévoz
cs 40145
69628 Villeurbanne cedex

• ArteVino technical service providers

As part of the technical services that ArteVino provides to you, the latter is required to call on technical service providers who may have access to Personal Data.
These recipients are in particular maintenance companies, punctual service providers or data hosting companies.
When ArteVino uses these service providers, it imposes on its partners an equivalent level of protection of your data as that detailed in this privacy policy.
You can obtain the complete list of recipients of Personal Data by writing to:
ArteVino Service Client
12-14 av. Antoine Dutriévoz
cs 40145
69628 Villeurbanne cedex

5. Transferring Personal Data outside the EU

You are informed that your Personal Data can be transmitted by ArteVino, for the purposes defined in these conditions, to companies and partners located in countries outside the European Union which do not have a suitable level of Personal Data protection.
Within the scope of transferring your personal information abroad, we inform you that this is governed by the presence of Standard Terms of the European Commission which CNIL (French data protection authority) has previously recognized as guaranteeing a sufficient level of protection of privacy and human rights.
Whatever the circumstances, ArteVino undertakes to maintain a similar level of personal data protection to that ensured by ArteVino and European legislation.
You can at any time request the list of transfers outside the EU as well as the list of recipients of your Personal Data by email or by post to the addresses mentioned in this Privacy Policy. 

6. Storage of your Personal Data

ArteVino only stores Personal Data for the time required to carry out the operations for which it is being collected and in accordance with regulations in force.
In this way, Personal Data is stored for a duration of 3 years from the date of its collection or after the last contact from you, where relevant (for potential customers) or from the date our commercial relationship is terminated (for customers).

7. Social networks

Use of your data in relation to social networks and ArteVino services in relation to these social networks is likely to result in the collection and exchange of certain data between social networks and ArteVino.
We recommend that you consult the personal data protection policies of social networks in order to find out exactly what information is collected by them and which can be transmitted to ArteVino in relation to its sites as well as the reasons for using your data, notably for advertising purposes. You can directly set data confidentiality and access on social networks.
ArteVino collects for its own use certain Personal Data and information in relation to your activity on ArteVino social networks pages or ArteVino sites which use the services of social networks. This data is used for advertising purposes to improve our commercial relationship and the advertisements that are sent to you in order to offer you a customised, social experience.
Information gathered by ArteVino for its own use through ArteVino services or sites in relation to social networks is governed by these conditions and conditions specific to ArteVino applications.
However, ArteVino is not responsible for how social networks use your data for their own purposes.

• Customisation of advertising
The information that you receive from ArteVino can to be customised according to the data that ArteVino collects via social networks.
If you use ArteVino services or join a page belonging to ArteVino’s social networks, ArteVino is likely to receive information about you, notably your public profile and interests communicated on social networks or any other data which you previously authorised us to receive.
ArteVino advertisements linked to your profile and the information that you post or share (your interests) can to be displayed on your social network pages.
If you do not want social networks or third-parties, including ArteVino, to gather or use information based on your profile or your activity on websites, devices or applications outside of social networks for the purposes of displaying advertisements, we recommend that you refer to the social network conditions in order to find out the methods of setting, unsubscribing or controlling the display of advertisements.

8. Cookies and retargeting

Our sites are designed to pay particular attention to the requirements and expectations of our customers and are therefore likely to use cookies and similar technology.
A “cookie” is a small text file likely to be saved in a dedicated area of your computer, smartphone or other computer medium when you visit a website.
Subject to your consent, ArteVino may gather browsing information using cookies, in a secure way which is limited in time.
Cookies and other similar technology are collected in order to:
– allow or facilitate the use of our websites,
– tailor our services and advertisements to your requirements: notably store products consulted and customise offers and information that we send to you,
– benefit from our customised advice and be informed about our promotional offers in accordance with consent given by you,
– obtain information about your browsing habits.
We inform you that we can also use advanced targeting functionalities for displaying our advertisements notably “retargeting” functionalities (by displaying advertisements when you are browsing outside our site or by email contact after you have consulted our site). These functionalities made possible using cookies are offered by partners, in order to show you advertisements most suited to your requirements and in relation to your recent behaviour on our site.
ArteVino will ask you regularly to confirm your choice regarding the deposit of cookies or tracers. 

The length of time information from cookies or similar technology is stored cannot, in any circumstances, exceed six (6) months.
You can, at any time, change the settings applicable to cookies by configuring the privacy protection parameters of your Internet browser.

9. Safety of Personal Data

ArteVino ensures that it protects and safeguards the Personal Data that you have chosen to communicate to it and that it has taken the necessary organisational, electronic and physical protection measures in order to prevent any loss, misuse, damage, destruction or disclosure of personal data.
Your Personal Data is stored in our databases which can only be accessed by our employees and service providers. Our aim is to always store your Personal Data in the safest, most secure way.

10. Your rights

In compliance with personal data regulations in force, you have the right to be informed, access, unsubscribe, transfer, limit processing, object to, rectify or delete your Personal Data.
You can exercise your rights at any time, by writing us here, or sending us a letter to the address below, with proof of your identity:
ArteVino Service Clients
12-14 av. Antoine Dutriévoz
cs 40145
69628 Villeurbanne cedex
Any request to exercise your rights must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity card bearing your signature and must state the address to which we must send the reply. A reply shall be sent to you within one (1) month of receiving the request.
You also have the right to contact any appropriate supervisory authority, such as CNIL, if you think that the way in which your Personal Data has been processed contravenes the requirements of applicable Personal Data regulations.

11. Modifications to the Personal Data Policy

ArteVino reserves the right to modify this Personal Data policy at any time.
In case of modifications, the last version of this policy published on the websites governs ArteVino’s use of your Personal Data.
You shall be able to consult it at any time on this page.
For any information on Personal Data protection, you can also consult the French Data Protection Authority website:

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