Which wine cabinet is right for you?
Read our tips to make sure you choose the right
wine cabinet for you.
Built-in or freestanding,
ageing or serving...
There are so many different options it might seem difficult to find what you want.
repas famille sur terrasse avec vin rouge, barbecue et salade

Why do you need your cabinet?

First, decide what you want to use it for. ArteVino offers four types of wine cabinet.

petite cave à vin de service noire pose libre dans salon sur parquet

What capacity?

It is important to choose your wine cabinet’s bottle capacity based on your own needs.

vue d'une cave à vin porte pleine protection UV

What type of door?

Now there’s a tricky question… not really.

While a dark environment is one of the essential criteria for storing wine, our glass doors are now fitted with effective UV filters.

So, it’s all about how you want your cabinet to look!

In which room?

You need to think about your room layout, temperature, sun exposure, and the cabinet’s sound level.

Think about how you want to install your wine cabinet before you buy it : freestanding in your living room, built into a custom furniture unit, or recessed under a worktop.

illustration salon salle à manger design avec table en bois et terrasse avec plantes et arbres

Built-in or freestanding wine cabinet?

Built-in wine cabinet

If you want to integrate your wine cabinet into a fitted kitchen or a piece of custom-made furniture, you’ll need to make sure that the model you choose has been designed for this type of installation, in terms of both size and its ventilation system.

cave à vin cosy artevino encastrable sous plan de travail dans cuisine

Freestanding wine cabinet

If you would like to install your wine cabinet in a living area, check the sound level on the cabinet’s label.

grande cave à vin oxygen pose libre porte vitrée silver dans salle à manger



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