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When wine is served at the right temperature, it develops its aromas and enhances the dishes it is consumed with. On the other hand, poor wine service can create a negative customer experience.

Knowing how to store and serve wine has therefore become essential to satisfy increasingly knowledgeable wine drinkers. But is it worth investing in a wine cabinet? Which product is right for you?

ArteVino works with you closely on developing the right wine offer for your business. Whether you are a restaurateur or a wine merchant, find out how Artevino can help you.

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Commitments and promises

Our main goal is to make your life easier.
ArteVino wine cabinets are suitable for professional use.
They are showcases for serving wines and satisfying customers.

Ergonomics – Performance – Quality

Generate additional sales
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A wine cabinet is an ideal tool for any business that wants to offer quality wine service and encourage its customers to enjoy a bottle of wine. It will: 

  • Facilitate access to your bottles during serving hours. Whether in storage or sliding mode, our shelves allow you to easily categorise your wines.
  • Showcase your wine offer in a beautiful display unit. Choose our glass doors and display shelves.
  • Serve your wines at the proper tasting temperatures. Store your wines close to their tasting temperature with our multi-temperature and three-temperature cabinets
image illustratrice de l'utilisation d'une cave à vin 3 températures

ArteVino is a range of products tailored to all your needs.

The temperatures in most refrigerator-type wine cabinets varies between 9°C and 15°C. That does not provide a wide enough range. Optimal wine service starts at 6°C (for sweet and sparkling wines) and reaches 20°C (for some exceptional wines).

This is the solution offered by ArteVino’s multi-temperature or three-temperature wine service cabinets.



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