Oxygen, a comprehensive range of wine cabinets, large or small, maturing, serving or multifunction.



Oxygen wine cabinets, a level of quality and functionalities essential for storing and maturing your wine.

Devised, designed and manufactured to ensure optimal wine maturing, our Oxygen cabinets offer your wine bottles a protective environment to allow your finest wines to reach their prime in optimal conditions.


Whether you are looking for a small or large capacity wine fridge, the ArteVino Oxygen wine cabinet range is available in 3 sizes.

3 sizes

Multifunction, serving or maturing cabinets, for storing your wine, you can choose the function of your wine cabinet with ArteVino Oxygen wine cabinets and wine coolers.

3 functionalities

Small or large bottle capacity, find the wine cabinet that corresponds to the amount of bottles you own.

98 - 230 bottles

a=ArteVino is a French wine cabinet manufacturer.

Made in France

The ArteVino Oxygen wine cabinet range operates with low noise levels.

Low noise levels

Your wines are safely stored thanks to the ArteVino Oxygen wine cabinet alarms which warn you if the temperature falls or rises inside the wine cabinet.

Visual alarms

The ArteVino Oxygen wine cabinet has a cold temperature function which protects your wines if the outside temperature drops.

Cold temperature function


Multifunction, serving and maturing cabinets suited to all your requirements

Our Oxygen range comes in a variety of forms to best meet your requirements offering you the possibility of choosing the cabinet that suits your needs and your interior.

The ArteVino Oxygen range of wine fridges has a choice of multifunction, serving or maturing functions as well as a choice of small, medium or large wine cabinet depending on the bottle capacity you require.


The different functionalities, multifunction, serving or maturing cabinet, allow you to choose the cabinet that suits you. Our range is available in small, medium, and large models, in this way adapting to your space and the bottle capacity you require, from 98 - 230 bottles.

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Oxygen wine cabinets are fitted with shelves which can easily be moved and adjusted to be used in storage, sliding or display mode.


A real specialist in wine storing and maturing, ArteVino has fitted all its range with the ArteVino universal shelves. In beech wood, these shelves can hold all bottle sizes and change from storage to sliding or display mode by simply moving a pin. Optimal storage quality and flexibility!

Why is it important to choose the right wine cellar storage?

ArteVino  many 2-temperature, 3-temperature or multifunction wine cabinets models: for maturing and serving champagne, red, white and rosé wine and also beer, fizzy drinks and fruit juice.


Our Oxygen wine cabinets benefit from comprehensive equipment to guarantee the highest level of safety for your wine on a daily basis – Automatic cold temperature function, lock, temperature fault visual alarm. Its low sound level of 37dB is also a real plus point in living rooms.


ArteVino decided to use aluminium rather than plastic inside its cabinets and has developed a steel frame for its cabinet bodies. No risk of your wine cabinet warping over the years. Reduced condensation and no bad odours!

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