The universal shelf

The universal shelf

When choosing a wine cabinet, storage systems have now become a vital criterion and it is up to each user to choose the shelves which best suit his requirements.

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For some, stacking bottles on top of each other is the right storage method whereas for others, this is not suitable since they want to be able to access all the bottles. It is quite common to adopt an “in-between” type of storage, with part of the bottles stacked one on top of the other and a part dedicated to individual bottle storage

1. What bottle characteristics should be taken into account to create ideal storage?

  • Wine bottles are packed 12, 6 or 3 bottles per case

  • A full bottle weighs approximately 1.350 Kg

  • Since storage requirements can change, it must be flexible

  • The bottles must be easy to find and access

  • It must be possible to store bottles of different shapes and sizes, together

  • Bottles have different lengths. For example: Alsace 330 mm, “traditional” Bordeaux (hollow base) 300 mm, Bordeaux flat base 275 mm, Burgundy “heavy bottles” 300 mm, Burgundy shape flat base 275 mm, “Loire wines” shape 295 mm, “Rhône wines” shape 295 mm etc…

  • The diameters of bottles differ according to the type of bottle, for example: Alsace 70 mm, “traditional” Bordeaux (hollow base) 75 mm, Bordeaux flat base 75 mm, Burgundy “heavy bottles” 83 mm, Burgundy shape flat base 80 mm, “Loire wines” shape 80 mm, “Rhône wines” shape 80 mm etc…


To conclude, an ideal storage system must be designed to optimize the storing capacity, must be adapted to store bottles of different shapes and sizes of any origin and be universal in its usage (sliding or storage). It must be fitted with a label holder.

2. Configure your ArteVino cabinet how you want


The entire ArteVino range is designed around the “modular” concept.
The shelves can be completely repositioned inside the wine cabinet. In this way, you can change your storage to suit your requirements. It is also you who decides how you will use each shelf: at your discretion, they can be used in “storage”, “sliding” or “display” mode.
Their beech wood structure ensures sturdiness of the storage zone and reduces bad odours


The ArteVino shelf is universal and can hold 12 bottles (Oxygen range) and 8 bottles (Cosy range) of different shapes and sizes.
Thanks to its “recess system”, the bottles are securely held and the space between the recesses allows you to store “Burgundy” bottles just as easily as “Alsace” bottles, for example, without the bottles being stacked on top of each other. “Top to tail” storage makes the most of the space on the shelf.

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3. One shelf allows for 3 uses

Storage mode

This storage system is designed to store a large amount of bottles, at the most, 6 levels (Oxygen range) and 4 levels (Cosy range) of bottles for a maximum load of 103 Kg.

Sliding mode

Sliding shelves are specially designed to store bottles individually or in small batches, they allow you to mix bottles together, whether they are Burgundy, Bordeaux, “grand cru” size, or even Alsace, Rhône and Loire valley size.

It also allows you to show the label of a bottle by positioning it at the front of the shelf.

Display mode

Dedicated to storing and displaying bottles vertically, you have the possibility of showcasing your best labels.

The label holder

ArteVino shelves are designed to hold labels and, in this way, allow you to see, in just one glance, which bottle to take.

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