Cosy, small wine cabinet, can be flush-fitted under a worktop in a fitted kitchen.




Cosy wine cabinets, flush-fitted under worktops or stand alone, a concentration of ArteVino expertise

This little cabinet fits in perfectly in your interior. Its design and dimensions were thought out to make your life easier. The Cosy range corresponds to standard criteria of kitchen designers for well thought out incorporation into your kitchen. Fitted with a glass door and LED lighting to showcase your bottles, it provides a beautiful setting for your bottles.


ArteVino Cosy wine fridges can be flush-fitted in the kitchen or free-standing in living areas.

Can be flush-fitted or free-standing

Multifunctional, serving or maturing cabinets, for storing your wine, you can choose how you want to use your wine fridge with ArteVino Cosy wine cabinets.

2 functionalities

Small or large bottle capacity, find the wine cabinet that corresponds to the amount of bottles you own.

Up to 52 bottles

The lighting included with the ArteVino Cosy wine coolers allows you to clearly see your bottles and showcase them.  The wine cabinet becomes a decorative object in your home.

Bottle lighting

The ArteVino manufacturing plant is located in Fourmies, northern France.

Made in France

Your wines are safely stored thanks to the ArteVino Cosy wine cabinet alarms which warn you if the temperature falls or rises inside the wine cabinet.

Visual alarms

The ArteVino Cosy wine cabinet has a cold temperature function which protects your wines if the outside temperature drops.

Cold temperature function


Wine maturing or serving cabinet

The Cosy range allows you to choose between a single-temperature wine cabinet dedicated to maturing or storing your wine or a multi-temperature wine serving cabinet.
The Cosy wine maturing cabinet offers peace of mind by safely cocooning your best bottles. Fitted with a comprehensive alarm system (temperature, humidity and sensor faults), you can mature your bottles in complete safety. We recommend that you set the temperature of your cabinet to 12°C.
The Cosy multi-temperature wine cabinet allows you to store and bring your wines to an ideal serving temperature. The temperature gradient of the cabinet allows you to store your wines at 5°C for cooling champagnes and at 22°C for bringing your red wine to room temperature.

ArteVino wine cabinet shelves are modular and can hold all bottle sizes.


A compact size but storage capacity for up to 48 bottles. Its equipment has been designed to make it as ergonomic as possible with the ArteVino universal shelves. In beech wood, these shelves are designed to hold all bottle sizes. According to your requirements, they can change from storage mode, to sliding or display mode by simply moving a pin. Optimal customisation of your cabinet’s configuration!

Discover the universal shelf

ArteVino, quality wine cabinets made from sturdy, hard-wearing materials.


As is the case for all its ranges, ArteVino demands the highest possible standards in terms of the materials used. ArteVino favours aluminium over plastic inside its cabinets and has developed a steel frame for its cabinet bodies. No risk of your wine cabinet warping over time. Reduced condensation and no bad odours!

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Cosy, a small wine cabinet with an elegant design to showcase your wines in your living room.


The compact cabinet, which meets the standards of kitchen designers, has been thought out to fit perfectly into your kitchen with quick, easy installation. But it is equally at home in your living room.


A humidity cartridge composed of clay balls is supplied* with your wine cabinet. It allows optimum humidity levels to be maintained in the wine cabinet, according to your requirements. It is placed at the bottom of the cabinet.


Designed to fit in perfectly in your interior: stainless steel handle, LED lighting for a relaxing atmosphere inside your interior and an elegant, black door frame.

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* Single-temperature model only